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What Is The Cub-to-Lion 3 Day Challenge?

This 3 day challenge is very different to many of the other ones out there, the ones that leave with more questions at the end than what you started with. The ones that don't really give you a plan on what to do next.


Cub-to-Lion is aimed to give you a very straight forward process to begin affiliate marketing, without the need for a funnel or any software.


You are taken by the hand, click by click with every step explained so you can start making money ASAP

Day 1 - Newborn - A full breakdown on how to create your Facebook Group in a way that gives you instant authority, and the key information needed to build trust with your customers, as well as how to avoid all the pitfalls that catch out the other 99%

Day 2 - The Hunt - A detailed plan on where and how to obtain leads through Facebook Organic Marketing using methods that many others are not doing

Day 3 - The Kill - The final piece of the puzzle, you are now a Lion/Lioness and Facebook is your plains. Here is how to monetize this Facebook Group that you have been building and convert those leads into sales


Talking About Lead G.g.g.g.Generation - Watch as I go into more depth in a live group training, and show the various ways I generate Leads

Value: $197

Chatting With The Lion - This is an EXCLUSIVE interview I did after I had hit 50+ in under 40 days from scratch

Value: $99

The Doc Library - Gain access to the various documents I use to help organize and manage my time better as well as track my goals and targets. These can also be used to fill out your group content

Value: $79

Total Value: $875

Todays Price: $24

Start The 3 Day Challenge Now