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I'm Liam

Digital Marketer, Consultant & Mental Wellbeing Specialist

Hello everyone my name is Liam and I am the founder and creator of Celtic Lion Digital with the core values of Trust. Respect and Honesty

The name Celtic Lion comes from being a Leo star sign and one of the animals on the Scottish crests is the Lion Rampant and the Celtic being a further link to my Scottish Roots

Digital Marketers

Something you want to promote? Let me help you avoid the digital marketing pitfalls that trap many for eternity

Course Creators

Have something to share? Creating a course is an excellent way to monetize your knowledge and experience

Content Creators

Stuck on low views with no engagement? There is a better way and it's easier than you think

Who Am I?

Well I am from Glasgow, Scotland. A father to two crazy kids and husband to a wife who has the patience of a saint when dealing with my shenanigans and was very supportive when I first ventured into the online business world (support is key)
I have over 15 years of experience offline as a coach, mentor and tutor crossing various professions.
The most recent of those professions involves high pressured situations where I have been responsible for lives of many people whilst guiding new prospects on how to do the same.
During that role I also developed exceptional relationship skills that has led to me being subjected to intense pressure where my choice of words and empathy are key.


- Martin Marino


- Bill Bayaud


- Susan Smith

How Can I Help You?

Now lets move away from the doom and gloom and explain how that can help you because that's why you are here. You are looking for help.
I will be using all my previous skills and my skills learned from being an affiliate marketer to teach you and others how to be successful, to strengthen your mind and overcome any obstacle.
With me on your side you are unstopable and never alone, and my students will confirm that as I have a great ability to get the best from anyone