Imposter Vanquished - The Warriors Guide To Slaying Imposter Syndrome

This masterclass is the perfect to build a strong, resilient mindset foundation. After this masterclass you will be able to rapidly decapitate the imposter syndrome monster and be free to live without fear

This training is for you if:

🦁 You are so overwhlemed with everything around you, that you don't know where to start
🦁 You lack confidence and belief in your skills
🦁 You are always comparing yourself to others
🦁 You think you don't know enough to get the results you want
🦁 You have heard about Imposter Syndrome but don't know much about it
🦁 You constantly doubt yourself and fail to see your true value

Masterclass outline:

The 5 types of imposter syndrome

Manifestation of imposter syndrome

Root causes of imposter syndrome

The imposter sub-concious

Slaying the imposter for good



Imposter syndrome was a term I was familiar with because I definitely resonated with having a perfectionist energy. However, as soon as Imposter Vanquished began, I realized how much bigger this issue had been throughout my entire life.

As he discussed the different types of imposter syndrome it became quite clear to me that I had gone through parts of them all. This information was very informative and helped me to identify important root causes, some I wasn’t even aware I holding.

The slay it portion was pure gold! He offered many techniques and ways to move past imposter syndrome once you understood where your source was coming from. Essentially a roadmap to vanquish your imposter syndrome. I began implementing all of these immediately following this masterclass.

Going deeper into my achievement’s list has been game changing for me. I’ve put into place many of the other techniques we covered. Thank you for hosting a very enlightening masterclass.