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Power Hour - One off one to one session with The Lion to rapidly fix whatever your current issue is.


The Blacksmith Package - In 12 weeks I will forge your very own mental armour, removing every shred of self doubt, lack of confidence and overwhelm so NOTHING stand between you and your goal


Liam - The Celtic Lion

Unless it isn't obvious enough I am Liam and I am a Mindset and Mental Wellbeing coach. I'm not going to give you all the "I was shit but now I'm awesome" story (because I've already done that in the about me)

Nope instead I am going to talk about YOU!!!

Yes, you, the person reading this because you are feeling stuck, trapped, overwhelmed or just being a generally nosy neighbour (no judgement here)

The whole reason I do what I do is because I understand how difficult our mind can be. It works against us so many times by filling our head with doubt, anxiety, and every so often it throws in a bit of self sabotage, just for the giggles

I want to help others understand their mind more, so they can get it working for them and not against them, and the best way to do that is by working closely togther

Does this sound familiar?

💔I really want to do something different but I don't know what

💔I'm really scared of change, because I don't know what will happen

💔I am so overwhlemed with everything around me, I don't know where to start

💔I'm never going to be any good at that, what's the point in trying

💔I just don't feel confident enough to do that

💔I wish I had a better start in life, I've just never been given the chance

💔I am scared of what everyone with think and say

💔What if the internet trolls attack me

💔I'm not meant to have anything good

💔I'm just not supposed to be happy, it is what it is

What if instead you were able to say

❤️I am going to do something different, and I am going to figure out what I REALLY want to do

❤️Change can be scary, but I am excited to see where it leads me

❤️I feel overwhelmed now, but if I take small steps I will reach that big goal

❤️I am not good at it right now, but with practice I will get better, everyone was a beginner at one time

❤️If I keep doing this, my confidence will grow as I get better

❤️I might not have had the best start in life, but I am going to create my own chances

❤️It's ok if certain people don't support me or see my dream, I can see it and I will get there

❤️I know a lot of people online just want to spread hate, I am taking a positive step in my life and they don't have the courage to do the same, so they spread hate instead

❤️I am valuable and I have worth, I deserve good things

❤️I along can change my life and find my happiness

Here Is What My Clients Say



What really suprised me about my call with Liam is how calm and clear I felt afterwards. Anytime I have a call with Liam we have a tendency to talk about deep stuff. I feel so comfortable being able to open up to Liam, he makes me feel at ease and without judgement.

Since my call with Liam I have been focusing more on breathing exercises for when my thoughts are more heavy to help avoid panic attacks.

Liam has always been a good man to talk to when I don't understand what's going on in my head. My appreciation for him after any of our calls grows a bit more and he provides a safe place to word vomit my trauma, without worrying about his reaction. My last call with him was based around a PTSD trigger episode that lasted about 2 weeks, and I walked away from that call feeling less anxious

I would highly recommend Liam to anyone


Liam created such a safe space from the first moment, that I just felt compelled to relax and dig deep to uncover my blocks.

I have been in deep reflection since our call and almost immediately we broke through some pretty intense blocks, and so navigating and clearing those emotions has been my main focus.

Liam has a strong and calming presence, his deep understanding for the bigger picture and his expertise in emotional intelligence is immeasureable. I will forever recommend Liam to anyone who be feeling unsure of their next move, completely frozen in fear or just needs a reminder of their own excellence.

He truely is a master at his craft


I didn't really know what to expect before my call with Liam. All I knew was that I felt frozen with self doubt, overwhelmed with all that I needed to get done but was unable to figure out the next step.

I was really surprised at the speed in which Liam was able to untangle the monster in my head, which then turned out to not really be a monster after all. I realised that most of my "deer in the headlights" feeling was due to me putting comparison and deadline pressures on myself. Liam helped me clarify and distil my purpose which made a lot of unncesessary fear fluff fall away. I was able to prioritise the next steps one by one.

Since my call with Liam the sense of panic has receeded and I am approaching my work with a surprising calm. I have been able to move forward with planning and implementing my next steps.

I want to say a huge thank you to Liam for all his help, I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with overwhelm


Imposter syndrome was a term I was familiar with because I definitely resonated with having a perfectionist energy. However, as soon as Imposter Vanquished began, I realized how much bigger this issue had been throughout my entire life.

As he discussed the different types of imposter syndrome it became quite clear to me that I had gone through parts of them all. This information was very informative and helped me to identify important root causes, some I wasn’t even aware I holding.

The slay it portion was pure gold! He offered many techniques and ways to move past imposter syndrome once you understood where your source was coming from. Essentially a roadmap to vanquish your imposter syndrome. I began implementing all of these immediately following this masterclass.

Going deeper into my achievement’s list has been game changing for me. I’ve put into place many of the other techniques we covered. Thank you for hosting a very enlightening masterclass.

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